Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm a happy little fish

This is a sample of my work at school :

The dragons Cave

Decked with towers of priceless stones stood the dragons cave. Immense with Gold and marble walls with millions upon millions of diamonds, pearls and ruby's stacked in-to the towering cavern. Deep in the heart of the mountain with the dragon Uku guarding it for his life. Some towers reaching 3 or 4 metres. But in the middle of the colossal cave stood the tallest tower of swords, diamonds ,crowns and glittering gold cups at around 6 and ½ metres. There on to of this huge tower stood a gold and jewels decked box with a medallion, a huge diamond and a giant multi coloureds jewel protecting the ancient cave from harm done to any jewel with in it. Some parts of this cavernous cave has icy cool pools of water and steaming hot spar's of heated water also it has perfect temperature pools of water with jewels glistening on the bottom. To get to this wonderous cave you have to travel threw endless mazes of tunnels lined with diamonds, rubies, gold and other presses metals and jewels. The right path has the floor marble lined with bronze glinted with sparkling minerals but it is hard to find because of all the gold and silver items on the floor. The door has an enormous amethyst on its front and the handle is made of peridot lined with glowing volcano rocks. The actual door itself is made of solid gold and the hinges are solid bronze. The door stands at 6 metres but the wall above is much larger with big chunks of crystal. As you walk in the huge cave in frount of you is Uku guarding near the tallest tower of jewels. If you look around you, you see Aurora Borealis, Abalone, Accessocraft, Acroite, Adularia, Adventurine, African emerald , African jade, Agate, Aigrette, Alexandrite, Alexandrite Effect, Alice, Alloy, Almandine, Alpaca, Aluminum, Amazonite, Amber, American ruby, Amethyst, and many many more jewels all glittering from the torches spread evenly threw the whole cave and the tunnels running to the cave.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Our school is soooooooooo cool becuse we have 5 flatscreens (im typing on one right now) . Today was cool (the useaul tree fresh at lunch and recess) we did a science experiment on materials.
(dirt dose transporty alot with water).


I like lots of stuff including L.O.T.R and soccer.

More facts

Did you know: A computer gets infected with a virus every 5 seconds!, 8% of the earths crust is mage up of aluminium, All porcupines float in water.


We got a yabbie in our pond and we found him once around 5 metres from the pond. (just near the 2 chooks) This is our house. (but we have a wight car now)
Did you know: elephants are the only anamal that cant jump, intellegent people have more zinc and copper in there hair, a woman in Los Angeles leagally married a rock!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Did you know luke (my middle name ) means light giving.
Interesting facts:Did you know: 100 years ago in turkey it was illegal to drink coffee and if you did you would be sentenced to death.
Octapuses have square pupils.